Ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time of the week again. Yesterday was Thursday (Thursday) which means today it is Friday (Friday). C’mon now, you know the we, we, we, so excited!

In honor of everyone’s favorite day of the week (which secured a narrow victory over “Hump Day”), here are the top 5 covers of Rebecca Black’s “Friday!”

5. Katy Perry

This comes from a live show she did in Melbourne. A little slow for my tastes but gotta love the part when the guy filming it realizes what she’s about to sing.

4. Death Metal

This version is actually just fucking terrifying.

3. Barbershop Quartet

I’m pretty sure this is how these guys spend all their Fridays, they don’t strike me as the partyin’, partyin’ types though I’m not sure if that’s by choice…

2. Bob Dylan

Cheers to Dave Lembeck for bringing this one to my attention. If you think this is actually from “Bob Dylan’s Basement Tapes” I think you should consider getting a vasectomy immediately.

1. Stephen Colbert

This is up there with my favorite YouTube videos ever, not just “Friday” covers. No more commentary, just watch it. Then watch it again. The video chat me and we’ll watch it together.


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