Another batch of Playlist Recommendations has been compiled for you listening pleasure! Links to the last 4 months of playlists are available below:

Recommended tracks segmented by genre is available below for your convenience. Happy listening!






sugar treeClassic Rock

Folk Rock






3 Responses to Playlist Recommendations – January-April 2013

  1. Slowik says:

    Hi. I see people appreciate spotify playlists 🙂 I use it frequently and also linked one of my playlists on my personal blog. Your entry shows also how to use it for seo purposes. I mean, I’m sure you get some quality traffic from serps, from people who are looking for some particular musicians or genres. At least, it’s optimized this way. Does it work for you? Does it work for you? 🙂

    • BrettASnyder says:

      I haven’t done a whole lot to optimize for particular genres but have gotten some traffic from terms like “playlist recommendations” and the sort just naturally. If you’re trying to optimize for specific genres I would say break the playlists/songs up by genre and make sure there is some content that speaks to how these songs help reflect the genre. The content I’ve included isn’t optimized for anything SEO-related, just some basic intro.

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