I’m a big fan of candles, have been for many years. All pyro jokes aside, I’ve always found fire to be relaxing and the combination of a small dancing flame and the soothing scent of a good candle helps me focus when I’m at my desk.

Today I’ll share a quick tip that I learned from my good friend Chandra Saiz that is great for anyone like me that loves candles, specifically jar candles. Instead of blowing out the candle when you’re done, dip the wick into liquid and stand it back up. Then, when you want to light the candle next time trip the wick down. This will prevent soot from collecting on the jar and the candle from burning all the way down too quickly.

Now, I’m off to use this new found knowledge to further enjoy my new Coconut Mango candle!


One Response to How to Keep Your Jar Candle from Turning Black

  1. Katie says:

    Thank you for that tip! Candle making truly is a science, and I had finally figured it all out, except the reason why my candle jars were turning black if burned for an extended amount of time. What I would like to know, is how do you dip the wicked into liquid when it still has a flame? And do you dip it into the melted wax? Also, could I just use a candle snuffer instead? I always maintain the wicked length, but this is something I have not figured out yet.

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