To my son Colin:

I hope you’re never afraid to be different and embrace what makes you special.

I hope that you won’t judge unnecessarily and appreciate your privilege. I hope you are blessed with self-awareness and empathy.

I hope you learn from your mom what a strong woman looks like. I hope you surround yourself with strong women and learn from them how to be a better man.

I hope you’re not embarrassed to dance. I hope you’re never afraid to cry. I hope you wear your heart on your sleeve and love generously, whatever form that love takes. I hope you never stop trying to make people smile.

I hope you like frisbee, and concerts, and Villanova basketball. I hope you get excited for new Brettgammon games.

I hope you are inspired by music. I hope you experience that feeling of a chill running down your spine when you hear a special artist for the first time. I hope you get a chance to see Porter Robinson perform live.

I hope you dream big and strive to be extraordinary. I hope you push yourself, even when it hurts (especially when it hurts) for what you believe in. I hope you leave a legacy you are proud of.

I hope you forgive me my faults and learn to complement them. I hope you know I will sometimes get things wrong but I always try my best. I hope you know that you’ll always be my priority, even if it feels like you aren’t. I hope that I’ll always be yours.

I hope I can become the father you deserve.

I know I will give it everything I’ve got.

I love you.


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  1. All the congratulations in the world Brett! Perfect post. I hope you all have a wild, fun, fulfilling ride.

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