While Anne is out for the weekend celebrating Meag’s bachelorette party, I had a chance to dive full force into my next creative project: Brettgammon the Reckoning.

Some folks are already familiar with Brettgammon, a party game I made up a few years ago when I realized that our social group thrives on competition. Last Thanksgiving we played the 3rd iteration of the game and I introduced a number of new games that went over really well. Crowd favorites included Movie Quotes (I played a movie clip, teams buzz in with the name of the film) and ID Dat 90s Song (exactly what it sounds like).

Brettgammon 3.0

With the house to myself this weekend, I decided to shift my attention to the next iteration of Brettgammon, once that gives even more control back to the players. In previous versions, mini-games would be selected at random. Drunk people would complain. Brett would get annoyed at drunk people. No one wins.

In Brettgammon the Reckoning, all mini-games will appear on the game board and each round, the winning team gets to choose the next event. By giving some control back to the horde, they get the illusion of having a strategy and I don’t have to spend the entire time herding cats. Everyone wins!

Leaving a few spaces blank for new ideas

Leaving a few spaces blank for new ideas

Veterans will recognize old favorites mixed in with completely new challenges. Particularly ambitious from a storytelling perspective, I’ll model childhood classics like Where in the World in Carmen Sandiego? as well as more familiar shows including Cash CabThe Price is Right, and Family Feud. There will everything form physical challenges a la Family Double Dare to mental exercises drawn from Chardee MacDennis.

I’ve always said I’d never do something again if I didn’t think I could do it better and I’m confident this will be the best Brettgammon yet.


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