Download the Brettgammon Bar Crawl Scoresheet.

Objective: To score as many points as possible over the course of 5 bars.

What You Need: 2 Decks of Cards, Scoresheets, Pens.

How to Play: Distribute scoresheets to everyone who is participating. The pub crawl must have 5 bars on the list. Players can earn points at any point over the course of the night. For clues that require multiple drinks, these can span across bars and do not need to be consecutive unless stated in the rules. The person with the most points at the end of the night wins.

Challenges: Listed below. You can also Brettgammon Bar Crawl Scoresheet.

Round the Horn: Drink one beer, one glass of wine, and one mixed drink throughout the night. 2 points.

One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer. Drink one of each of these throughout the night. 2 points.

Patriot Points: Drink one Red, one White, and one Blue drink over the course of the night. Clear counts as white. 2 points.

Potty Mouth: At each bar, there is a swear word you are not allowed to say. The person that catches you on using the unmentionable word receives 1 point and the person who spoke the word has to drink. 1 point per catch, max 5 points.

At one bar of the leader’s choosing, no one may refer to anyone else by their name. Instead, you may only address people as Jabroni. Anyone that makes it through the bar without breaking this rule wins. 2 points.

Pub Poker: At each pub, each person will receive one playing card. After 5 pubs, the person with the best poker hand wins. 2 points.

Upon arrival at a new pub, the leader will ask a question about something associated with the previous bar (bartender’s names, when established, picture over bar, etc.). First person to correctly answer wins a point. 1 point available per bar.

Take a photo with another graduate of your alma mater (not part of our group). 1 point per photo, max 3 points.

Lemme Take a #SELFIE: Take a selfie with the bartender. Once a bartender has been selfie’d, they cannot be used again. 1 point per selfie, max 3 points.

Find someone in the bar with the same birthday as you (day/month only). 1 point per matched birthday.

Buffalo: You must always be holding your drink with your left hand. Players earn points when they catch someone breaking the rules. If you’re Buffalo’d, you must finish your drink. 1 point per Buffalo.

Candid Camera: The objective is to take the best candid photo of someone in your group. After each pub, 1 point will be awarded to the person that takes the best candid photo of another person in your group. 1 point per pub.

Suck it Down: Drink a pint of beer entirely through a straw. 1 point per beer, Max 2 points, must be a new straw for each.

Under Par: For any consecutive 3-holes (individual drinks), total score (sips) under 12. 3 points.

Girliest Drink: The girliest drink at the bar, as determined by the group, wins a point. Multiple people can score on this event if you’re willing to order and finish the drink yourself. 1 point per bar.

Try to break dance for 30 seconds. 1 point.

T-Rex: Walk around with your elbows pinned to your side for a total of 2 drinks. You can extend your arms to order the first drink but once your elbows lock to your side they cannot be removed until the second drink has been finished. 3 points

Drink a glass filled with a mix of everyone’s drink. 4 points

Get a stranger to sing the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song with you. You may pull up the lyrics on your phone. 2 points.

High-Low: Stand in a circle, put a card down. Next person in line says higher or lower. Turn another card over and if the person is correct, the next person in line guesses higher or lower and the game continues. If the person guesses wrong they are eliminated. If the card is the same you draw again. Last man standing wins. 1 point per bar.

Convince a bartender/DJ to play “Let it Go.” Song must play in its entirety. 3 points.

Do a total of 50 pushups (30 for ladies) over the course of the night. All pushups must take place inside a bar in full view of the group. 2 points.

Brettgammon Bar Crawl


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