Having recently taken the plunge into married life, Anne and I have come to appreciate the importance of humor in a relationship…and we’re certainly not alone.

Last week, Anne discovered 1styearofmarriage.com. Written under the pseudonym “Alice,” the blog chronicles the often-irreverent conversations she and her husband “Joe” have had over the first year of marriage. Although she admits some sections are slightly exaggerated (specifically the #periodfun posts), most of the posts are real exchanges between the newlyweds. And they are not what you would expect.

A fun read whether or not you’re in a relationship, 1styearofmarriage.com offers an unfiltered look at the darker side of intimacy. I’ve included some of our personal favorites below, but definitely check out the whole site if you’ve got some time!

Day 7

Day 11

Day 19

Day 25

Day 34

Day 60

Day 63

Day 64

Day 73

Day 98

Day 159

Day 189

Day 247

Day 281

Day 297

Day 306

Day 316

Day 318

Day 330

Day 331

Day 349

Day 375

Day 382

Day 387


2 Responses to First Year of Marriage

  1. Alice says:

    Hey, Brett! Thanks for the write-up. Glad you enjoyed it:)


    • BrettASnyder says:

      Thanks Alice! I actually got food poisoning over our honeymoon a few weeks ago so while we were stuck in the hotel room my wife and I went through and read every post…lots of laughs definitely helped me feel better 🙂

      Hopefully I introduced a few new folks to your blog!

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