Hey there! As I’m sure you’ve realized by now my name is Brett Snyder and I started this blog as a way to practice what I preach.  As a professional search engine optimization specialist, I’ve been promoting the value of blogging and regular content creation for years without ever taking my own advice.  Don’t get me wrong, this site has no real SEO goals (or non-SEO goals for that matter) other than to appreciate the struggles and roadblocks that come from maintaining a regular website presence, but as someone who works in marketing I’d be doing a disservice to myself if I ignore this opportunity to truly understand the blogging process.  That being said, let me share a little about myself…

I’m a Villanova graduate living outside Washington DC with my wife Anne and our dog Lemon.

Family Photo

Outside of my family life, I enjoy discovering new music (I keep a monthly playlist on Spotify, check back for updated suggestions) and playing around with singing, guitar and the keyboard (though I’ll be the first to tell you I won’t be winning Grammy’s anytime soon).  I did enjoy my brief 2-day stint as a rockstar back in the ol’ high school days though…

I’m a huge sports fan, whether we’re talking about the red pinstripes of the Phillies, the blue and white of the ‘Nova Wildcats, or the vomit-inducing cesspool that is the Oakland Raiders organization.  And before you ask, yes am I legitimately a Raiders fan and no, I did not grow up on the West Coast.  But I will gladly accept your pity.  And any draft picks you want to send our way since we’ve pissed all ours away for the forseeable future.

For the record, I wrote that description of the Raiders in 2012 when I started this blog.  The sentiment has now persisted for 3 straight years.

I also enjoy running, Ultimate Frisbee, and driving with the windows down.  I’d much rather figure out how to do something on my own than pay someone to do it, even if it means getting it wrong 4-5 times first (Anne has heartily disagreed with this approach after I sent a 3 foot crack up a bathroom mirror…but she indulges me).  I can recite almost any line from any How I Met Your Mother episode and I will never get tired of this song.  I enjoy a heated argument over a cold beer and will rarely turn down the chance to talk about any of the items mentioned above.

I’m always interested in meeting and getting to know new people so don’t hesitate to shoot my an email, hit me up on Twitter, or comment on a post if the mood suits you.  I make every effort to respond to all forms of communication so let’s connect!