Yesterday Anne and I officially adopted the sweetest little staffordshire terrier/lab/hound/”brown dog” from the Homeward Trails Animal Rescue group. I’ve written before about the profound impact that a dog can have on your life and in less than 24 hours this pup has taken a hold of our hearts (and pooped in 3 different rooms of our house…)

Now that she has gotten settled, we’ve received no shortage of requests for pictures of the little nugget.

kevin facebook

Ask and you shall receive, my friend! Named after one of Anne’s favorite sitcom characters of all time…welcome to the family Liz Lemon!


She quickly learned there are few places in this house better than curled up in my lap on the couch


She loves her fox from Uncle Scott…tough the 2 squeakers on each end got old pretty quick for me


She does not like being “boxed in” like this…ba dum, cha!


“Hey Dad, look! Another puppy! She looks just like me!!”


I think someone is getting tired of having her picture taken…


It’s been a long morning, someone needs a nap

Sleepy Pup

Hard wood floor is hard but comfy bed is comfy

Anne & Lemon - Day One

My two favorite girls 🙂


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