When I was a kid, I was all about building forts. More than a few times my brothers and I turned our swingset A-frame into a tarp fort complete with a mini-fridge, TV, and overhead lighting. Whenever the cushions from every couch in the house went missing you better believe there was a stronghold in the basement. Almost monthly, my bedroom was transformed into a blanket fort and Community’s Pillows and Blankets remains right up there as one of my favorite sitcom episodes ever.

So, when we had all these boxes left over from moving/wedding gifts…it was pretty clear what needed to be done. No matter your age, no one is too old for a good ol’ fashioned Box Fort!

box fort annotated

All the amenities you could need…cooler for beer, girl scout cookies, music and WiFi!

box fort2

Every true fort flies its flag and this is one was no exception

The complete structure in all its glory!

The complete structure in all its glory!





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